Get off your arse and stop thinking life owes you anything

‘You deserve to be happy’

‘You deserve someone who is going to treat you like a princess’

‘You deserve to be recognised for all the good you do’

Yes, you probably do but what does deserving anything actually mean? Surely the poor people of Afghanistan deserve to feel safe in their own country and the 689 million people living in poverty, they deserve to have access to food and water.

When we throw the idea of deserving anything around we use our egos and not our conscious mind. It becomes a matter of entitlement and believing that you are owed the things you have, when the truth is you come into this world owed absolutely nothing.

You aren’t owed food, water or clothes.

You aren’t owed a roof above your head

You aren’t owed an education

You aren’t owed recognition for anything

You aren’t owed parents who love you

You aren’t owed love at all.

Your position in this world is 100% by chance. You can be a victim of a life, angry at the world for seemingly ‘unfair’ circumstances or you can stop feeling sorry for yourself and realise that nothing in your life is guaranteed.

I had a massively tumultuous childhood, haven’t lived with either of my parents since I was 15 and found myself homeless for a period along the way. I’m only human so there were points when I would be sad about my lack of family but the more I grew, I realised that having a stable family life and somewhere to live wasn’t some god-given birth right. I realised the danger of comparing my life to others, because there will always be someone who is seemingly above you but also billions of people below who would kill for the life I had.

All I could do was show gratitude for all the things I did have.

Don’t be a slave to circumstance and factors in your life that are out of your control. Focus on all the blessings you have that other’s would kill for.

The fact I am able to attend University without fearing for my life is a privilege that I am not owed. Turning on your tap and having clean water, access to a wide variety of nutritious food and the ability to vote are all things that you are absolutely not owed.

So you can either continue to live in a bubble of privilege pining after what you don’t have but feel you deserve, or you can be grateful for what is right here and now.




Journalism student living in London :) Here to spread a little love and positivity to those in need

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Journalism student living in London :) Here to spread a little love and positivity to those in need

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