5 ways to be happy RIGHT NOW!!

  1. Appreciate your surroundings

Unfortunately we aren’t all blessed with beautiful scenic views accessible right from our homes, but this doesn’t mean beauty can’t be found right where you are.

Go outside, immerse yourself in your surroundings.. think about all the quirks of your street/ neighbourhood. Chances are, you won’t live where you are now forever, so ask yourself:

  • What will I miss about where I live?
  • What makes where I live unique?

Learn to see the beauty in seemingly ‘normal’ things such as that wonky tree at the end of the road or that annoying paving stone that you always trip on.

2. Do something for someone else

It’s simple, think of something that would make you happy if someone did it for you. The more love you spread, the more you will receive.

If you find yourself at a low point, try and bring someone else happiness. This can be anything:

  • Buying someone flowers/ their favourite chocolate
  • Inviting a friend on a walk/ outing
  • Cooking someone a meal
  • Sending a message to check up on a friend

3. Set aside time for YOU!

It can be tempting to invite someone along to everything and anything but this should always be done in moderation.

Learn to truly enjoy and love your own company, set time for yourself that is all about you. Go and treat yourself to lunch from your favourite cafe or a bunch of flowers.

Everyone’s social battery level is different, I know that I get tired and irritable easily if I spend too much time with others. To avoid this, try setting a specific day each week where you do whatever you feel like doing on your own! Before you know it, you will be your own best friend :)

4. Make your space your own

Keeping your space orderly: whether you’re a homeowner, living with parents or a student etc.. is so important.

You don’t have to have a five-bed mansion in West London for your space to be beautiful and well-kept. Take time out of your day to keep things clean and tidy. Experiment with moving furniture and incorporating seasonal decorations to keep your space alive!

Your home, specifically your bedroom- is an extension of your mental state. Do yourself a favour by decluttering, cleaning and maintaining a space that helps clear your mind. You spend a lot of time in your room whether that be chilling or sleeping so don’t overlook the importance of making it somewhere positive to be.

5. Write on good AND bad days

You don’t have to be an avid writer to be able to document your feelings. You can journal in whatever way you want, even if it’s a few lines here and there.

Remember to write both on good and bad days, this helps put life into perspective and shows that life is always going to be a series of ups and downs. You can manage the ‘downs’ better by actively seeing that they are not permanent and are soon followed by more ‘ups’!




Journalism student living in London :) Here to spread a little love and positivity to those in need

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Journalism student living in London :) Here to spread a little love and positivity to those in need

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